Factors Homebuyers Take Into Serious Consideration

People buy houses based on personal preferences. Their priorities may vary, but in most cases the factors they are seriously considering are the same.

A recent survey by realestateview found that the majority of home buyers prioritize space. The survey, which involved more than 1200 Australians, found that nationally, 49.4 per cent would not compromise on the size of property when buying property in ideal areas. This priority is also reflected in buyers in New South Wales (43.4%) and new 2,000 per cent of buyers in New South Wales (43.4 per cent). Victoria (35.9%).

The second and third priorities for home buyers in Australia are open space (44.2%) and the public (44.2%). However, buyers in Victoria and New South Wales consider these two factors to be the highest priority.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a home for many Australians is the proximity to shops, cafes and restaurants (34.8%).

For Victorians, proximity to the central business district (38.2%), friends and family (35.5%) is more important, but those who live in New South Wales prefer their home to be closer to work (33.6%) than to the CBD, their friends and family.

Australians also love to be near parks and common areas (22.3%), where they can walk and have fun with their family.

A separate study commissioned by international consulting and engineering firm MWH Global found australians were very comfortable choosing a place to live. Whether they live in or outside the city centre, it is particularly easy for them to access their needs, such as visiting a doctor, working in the morning or visiting family and friends. This confirms victorian director of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Gil King that road, rail and public infrastructure are vital to encouraging people to build new homes.

The study also noted that they give priority to emergency services and infrastructure rather than lifestyle aspects such as aesthetics, education, culture and food.

Wendy Chamberlain is the founder of Social Property Selling, a trainer, speaker, author of international bestsellers and an expert in online engagement strategy, which combines her knowledge of the Internet with a passion for real estate to show sellers and realtors how to get a better price when selling a home. .

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