Top Ideas and Tips to Save on Your Next Vacation

Your next vacation will not necessarily cost you your hands and feet. Here are 10 great ways to save on your next vacation:

(1) Be flexible in choosing a home. Stay in guesthouses, hostels, sharing houses, university accommodation during your vacation and in a service apartment. On weekdays, nights are usually cheaper than weekends and stay in the valley and during peak season. Staying for a few nights is usually cheaper than one night.

(2) Plan ahead to avoid paying for hotel stays. Plan your trip so as to get to your destination early in the morning and leave late at night so as not to pay for extra sleep. Plan overnight train trips so that your train ticket is also used as accommodation.

(3) Don’t forget to pay back the tax. Most countries that levy a GST or similar tax offer a refund of the tourist tax when you leave. Don’t forget to save receipts and collect them.

(4) Look for coupons before you leave. Many stores offer coupons that they post online for printing. If you know where to buy at your destination, look online.

(5) Check out free rides. Most cities offer a range of free tourist attractions, such as free CBD sightseeing buses, museums and galleries on certain days, botanical gardens and government buildings. Check before you leave.

(6) Buy bottled water and breakfast in supermarkets. Most sellers in tourist areas charge high mark-ups.

(7) Go hiking. They usually have routes similar to full-service routes, but with less guide support, and they charge a lot less. People of all ages participate.

(8) Check the counters at half price. Most cities have half-price ticket offices for musicals, sporting events, opera, ballet and other live performances at the last minute.

(9) Don’t forget to take the concession cards. Some sellers recognize the cards of senior and international students, so be sure to take them with you and contact the service provider.

(10) Eat what the locals have and what is seasonal. Try tram sellers and local cuisine, they are usually cheaper and affordable.

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